Recently, I was contacted by Yoins to collaborate on campaign for their summer collection for woman. To be completely honest, I haven’t heard about this company before. As with anything new to me (including new companies), I researched it. I was glad to find out that Yoins is an online retailer of women’s clothing and accessories that ships worldwide (At this time, I am interested mostly in various women’s casual dresses and flirty tops). How convenient! As a travel blogger, I prefer to have more time for exploring new places rather than spending way too much of it in lines at the retail stores. Shopping online comes in handy here. And trust me, I shop online a lot. Eighty to ninety percent of all my shopping I do online. So I was eager to learn more about Yoins.

As I mentioned before, I was looking only for simple dresses and chic tops – my two favorite clothing items in the summer.

Various women’s casual dresses are lifesavers when travelling. Folded together they take very little room in your luggage but play a significant role in your wardrobe. One dress is the whole outfit. You don’t need any additional pieces of clothes to go with it. And at the same time no other clothes make you look and feel as feminine and confident as a beautiful dress does. Yoins has a big collection of the various women’s casual dresses that will please even inveterate fashionistas and make you look effortlessly chic during all of your travels. Elegant yet comfortable dresses in different styles and sizes, different colors and prints are pretty affordable and can be worn for any occasion.

Who will disagree that trendy fashion sexy tops are must-have clothes items on the road. Pack one or two pairs of pants or shorts, and a few tops (depending on how many days you plan to travel). Keep changing the tops without changing the bottom, and your outfits will look fresh and new every day. While looking for a trendy fashion sexy top on Yoins for your upcoming adventure, don’t be surprised to find three, four or even five cute tops in your shopping cart. Trust me, you will want to buy more than one blouse or t-shirt. Yoins’ tops are absolutely adorable, and every single one of them will ask you to purchase it. Just a quick disclosure… Be ready!

These is one more thing that I really like about Yoins. My communication with their representative has been amazing so far. (I experienced really bad communications with the sellers before and know what I’m talking about.) Prompt replies from Yoins made me trust this company and their products. I can’t wait to try on their beautiful clothes.