I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never heard of Belarus. Located in the heart of Eastern Europe, this landlocked country is surrounded by Russia in the north and east, Ukraine in the south, Poland in the west, Lithuania and Latvia in the north. With its complex history, diverse geography, and beautiful architecture, Belarus is one of those travel destinations that you can explore any time of the year.

What got my attention on my last visit to Belarus were Chalky Lakes or better known as Blue Lakes. (Both names have their own meanings, but I’ll explain it a little bit later). When I first started writing this blog, I wasn’t sure how to describe the nature of the lakes. Cultural landscape?.. One of the definitions of “cultural landscape” given by Oxford Dictionaries is “a landscape modified by the effects of human activity, such as farming, building, etc. (as opposed to a natural landscape).” I can’t find any better definition for the lakes.

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Blue Lakes started their existence by mere accident. More than 10 years ago this place was used for digging gravel for construction. Somehow, the workers miscalculated the depth of the pit and dug it way too deep. The water came out and filled up the pit. The digging activities had to be stopped. Thus, one human mistake gave life to three beautiful lakes with such blue water that it almost leaves you speechless. 

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Going back to the question about the names of the lakes, the blue color of the water was the reason why people started calling them Blue Lakes. The second name, Chalky Lakes, comes from the fact that this area is rich in chalk and white clay, which keep the water very clean. And guess what? People know exactly what to do with this highly beneficial white clay. Visiting the lakes, you shouldn’t be surprised seeing people on the shores completely covered in the clay. If you can get the benefits of super expensive spa treatments for free… Why not?

What can you do at Blue Lakes

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Having picnic.



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Or just striking a pose like my little niece.

Make sure to bring your own equipment. There is no place where you can rent it.